Useful Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Is your home filled with clutter and not such a pretty sight? Do you look at pictures in magazines or online that show amazing, clutter-free rooms, and think that it is something that you will never be able to achieve? While it is true that all the items in your home have created a feeling that you are in an unsolvable mess, it is also a fact that you can deal with this problem. All that you really need is a dedication to the task. In this article, we are going to discuss some useful tips on how you can keep the clutter out of your home.

Believe that you can do it

The first and most important thing is your own belief that it is possible. A lot of people aren’t sure that it’s doable. They have been living in a home filled with clutter for so long that the task seems like something that is out of their hands. The real truth is that if you come to the resolution in your mind that you can do it, and dedicate yourself to the task, you can make it happen. It is all about making that first step. After that, the next step, as well as all the steps after it, will follow. In fact, it will make you feel better about your life generally.

Purge on a daily basis

In only 10 minutes time, you can accomplish a lot when it comes to clutter. Decide that you are going to declutter your home on a daily basis, and allow yourself a bit of rest during the weekend. Take five minutes to straighten up and another five to take care of the dust and clutter in a chosen area of your home. If you commit to this every week, by the end of the year you will make a significant change. In the end, all the small tasks will sum up into a big solution. Make it into a habit and do it at the same time. If morning is your time of day, then implement decluttering into your morning ritual. If you feel like taking it up a notch, purge room by room.

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Keep a charity bag

Be a good Samaritan and keep a bag that you are going to use for charity donations. If you’ve been given a gift that you don’t really like all that much, put it in the bag. When you put on some clothes and realize that they no longer fit you, think about putting them in the bag. If you have a child that has outgrown their clothes, consider putting those in the bag as well. This is a good thing both for you and others. Once you fill up the bag, take it to the nearest charity. Turn this into a habit.

Have a place for every item in your home

It’s a good idea to have a place for everything. In result, everything will be in its place, and there will be less clutter lying around. If there is still a large number of items on your counters, tables, and floors, then maybe you just need to find more places. If you are looking for quick and simple solutions, you should organize those items into plastic shoeboxes or filing cabinets. If you want to take it up a notch, the experts from Pinkjunk rubbish removal suggest that you completely get rid of unnecessary clutter around the home.

Go for the one in one out rule

Decide that for every item that gets into your home, another one must go. The item that you are giving away should be the same type as the item that replaced it or take the same amount of space. When it comes to your clothes and toys, it’s quite simple – when you buy one, another one goes out. You should always think about the cost of the items you are buying in comparison to the space that they are going to take up. Usually, the larger the item, the bigger the cost, so consider the big things that you intend to buy. Furthermore, it’s a great idea to reward yourself for not buying something, Put that money into a special fund that you are going to use for an opportunity such as to travel somewhere with your loved ones.

Final words

The truth is that in today’s consumerist society, we are always driven by ads to buy the newest things out there in order to make ourselves happy. It’s always – get a new car, a new dress, a new appliance, etc. However, what really matters in our lives is that it’s not the items that make us happy with ourselves, but the experiences that we have. So, when you are feeling the urge to buy yet another item for your house that will certainly add to the clutter, decide to invest that money into a worthwhile experience, such as traveling somewhere.

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