Top 9 Tips to Overcome Homeschooling Stress and Procrastination

Like any other learning process, homeschooling also encounters its fair share of ups and downs. One of the challenges that is likely to crop up during homeschooling sessions is accumulation of stress both on the end of the college students and that of the tutors. When stress becomes a constant encounter, it comes with various side effects with some being felt in the school work. You find that due to the slackened pace that is as a result of lots of stress, you fall behind your curriculum and end up procrastinating a number of activities.

Your relationship with your tutors also has a high chance of being affected and hence the need for finding ways to prevent such situations from occurring. This article gives an in-depth insight about some of the tips that you can incorporate into your homeschooling sessions to prevent procrastination and stress.

  1. Try and Be Flexible

One of the key values that you have to cultivate in yourself is flexibility. Flexibility is what will help you judge a certain situation during your homeschooling classes and enable you to respond with the best decision, relative to that particular scenario. For instance, if you find that you are having a great day during the homeschooling sessions, you should take advantage of that and ask your tutor for some extra work.

This kind of flexibility is what will help you in doing more work in a shorter time than you had planned for hence reducing your stress and pressure of covering a given curriculum as a college student. It also helps you to avoid procrastination by covering certain pieces of work even before their scheduled time. If anything, flexibility will actually help you to land on the opposite of procrastination.

  1. Always Have a Plan

As a student in college, never underestimate the power that lies within the simple art of wielding a workable plan. You should ensure that you have in mind all the tasks and milestones that you want to achieve as well as the general processes that you need to put in place to achieve your plan. A plan conceived by you and your tutor will assist in placing all the activities and lessons that you want to cover in their appropriate time slots. This applies to scheduling for activities that range from tea-breaks to classwork sessions such as learning about definition essay examples.

The effect of faithfully following such a plan is mainly allowing you to avoid the procrastination of activities and lessons. The enhanced organization will help you to tackle everything at its scheduled time, and in the process alleviating the stress that comes from lack of having a plan and organization. Use of planning tools can come in handy when you’re in the business of making a plan. Lessontrek is one of such tools that’s based on the internet and helps in the documentation of your day’s plans.

  1. Ensure That You Make Even Your Least Favorite Activities Fun

It’s only normal for a college student to have some activities that don’t exactly bring out the rays of sunshine in him/her. You should begin by first identifying some of these activities and then make a plan on how to make them even a dash more exciting for yourself during your homeschooling sessions. One of the best ways to achieve this is by planning with your tutor on having some mini-breaks to enable you to sail through these activities.

A good example could be if you identify your weakness to being a subject like math. For you to make it different and exciting, you could ask your tutors to offer a present such as a shopping voucher for every completed exercise of sums. You could also consider physical activities such as a dance party of one song as alternatives for the shopping voucher reward in your discussion with your tutor.

This helps you to remain motivated for all the activities that are on your schedule without having to procrastinate the ones that are not your favorite. In the long run, it gives you less stress in ensuring that you’ve covered what needs to be covered regardless of whether you like that particular activity or not.

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  1. Determine Your Reset Strategies/ Buttons

You should let your tutors become aware that there are times when students can outrightly feel like they want to quit homeschooling. For them to help you in avoiding frustrations that can easily result from such situations, you should ask them to help you find a strategy for dealing with these fits. One of the reset buttons that work is taking a break from the homeschooling daily routine and going out for the activities that you love doing.

These activities could include going out for smoothies, taking walks down the local park or simply just watching a short movie. Work with your tutors to find the strategies that work specifically for you and use them to re-energize your mind when such times arise. With re-energized minds, you will get back to your school work fresh and ready to learn; hence reducing the chances of procrastinating the work you could have missed.

  1. Assess Your Expectations

One of the main sources of stress during homeschooling sessions is unfulfilled expectations. Having goals of what you desire to achieve is indeed a good thing but the expectations that follow them can easily drain you and be the cradle of much of your stress.

As a student, you should take another detailed look at the goals that you’ve set for your homeschooling curriculum and assess if they indeed are realistic. Ensure that you modify everything that could come off as a bit of an over-stretch for you in order to relieve you of the pressure of meeting unreachable goals.

  1. Feed The Body As Well As The Mind

For the people that have some experience in the field of homeschooling, it is common knowledge that studying while on an empty stomach could make you become a challenge to your tutor. You will often times zone-out of whatever you’re learning and this could be a great source of stress and procrastination of that particular activity that you’re tackling.

Try and see to it that you have asked your tutor to allow you to study on a full stomach while also keeping properly hydrated. This is easily achieved via storing healthy snacks in your fridge so that they can be of quick help whenever you feel hungry. This will help in avoiding of the myriad of complications that accompany learning while on the throes of hunger pangs.

  1. Learn How To Work More Independently

You should refrain from always being dictated to notes by your tutors on a daily basis. Instead, learn to be more independent by asking your tutors to show you how you can make your own notes. It will be indeed easier to read and revise because well-taken self-notes tend to be more wholesome and you will end up learning a lot. In case your notes were typed; you should learn how to re-visit and edit them. These little things are what will pay off in the long run and hence making you more independent during homeschooling, thus reducing the avenues of becoming stressed out.

  1. Always Keep Relationships First

You should always work with the principle of relationships trumping over academics. Never allow academic struggles to cause a strain in your relationship with your tutors. If you’re having some difficulties with a particular subject, you should try and not get worked up by the issue. Try and trust that you will get through it and extend that trust to your tutors by listening to when they encourage you and extend a helping hand. Failure to do so could end up spiking your stress and frustrations even higher. This will surely turn out to be counter-productive to your homeschooling sessions.

  1. Get Enough Rest

When you are heavy laden with fatigue and not getting enough rest, you tend to perceive things to be worse than they actually are. The things that you once deemed to be possible take a turn for the worse and seem overwhelming and at times impossible. Homeschooling indeed needs quite an amount of energy and time and for you to go through with it successfully; you will require some sessions of resting. Learning when you are calm and rested is a recipe for you to be less stressed and enjoy homeschooling more as well as covering more ground in comparison to trying to accomplish the same when exhausted.


Homeschooling is not a walk in the park as many people out there may perceive it to be. It is full of many challenges and among the top in that list is stress which goes hand in hand with procrastination. Above are some of the most effective tips that are suited to help you in fighting stress, frustrations and procrastination when you are homeschooling. We hope you try some of these tips while homeschooling.

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