Putting Together the Perfect Gym Outfit

It seems that the skill to put together a great gym outfit has become equally important as the skill of planning a chic and stylish ‘streetstyle’ outfit. The athleisure trend is on the rise, and we probably have supergirls like Bella Hadid to thank for that. Known for both a killer body and a staple athleisure look inside gym as well as on the streets, this girl definitely knows her stuff. However, when you’re rocking a sports bra, killer leggings and a bomber jacket to match on the streets, you’re more concerned with the appearance and cuteness of the outfit than the functionality. When preparing to break a good sweat and give it your all on the treadmill, you need to think beyond cuteness. Finding that perfect middle ground – gym attire that’s as adorable as it is functional, isn’t an easy feat, but it’s not mission impossible either. In your pursuit of perfection, we’re here to lend a helping hand and make the hunt as easy as possible, so you can look amazing without compromising the quality of your workout.

The crucial item

Every girl who’s ever gone to the gym knows that the struggle of finding that perfect sports bra is more than real. When they look good, they’re not very supportive and vice versa. Well, the good news is, the two worlds are starting to reconcile and that elusive bra does in fact exist, and it’s called the Solow Workout Bra. There are numerous reasons to love this one. First of all, the straps are wide (which means support) and the cut of the bra has that sexy retro quality to it, so you’ll feel comfy and attractive at the same time. However, the thing to love most about it is the fact that the cups are lightly padded and have underwires, which means additional support, and that’s always important. For all those gals who don’t have to worry about support, Nike’s millennial pink medium support bra is the newest and cutest choice – we know how important millennial pink has become.

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Crucial item no. 2

It’s difficult to decide whether finding the perfect bra trumps finding the perfect trainers, so let’s just say it’s a tie. When shopping for trainers, there’s always a catch. Most of them are designed for specific workouts, so you have running shoes and then you have training shoes, and the worst part, most of them are, well, ugly. The best route you can possibly take is stylish and supportive weightlifting shoes, because you know that being designed to endure weight, they’ll provide great sole and ankle support for other elements of your workout routine. Aside from that, precisely due to the amazing design, these shoes are super-stylish, so you know you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Move it, move it!

When your workout routine involves plenty of movement, you definitely need something that is equal parts soft and tight, so you can feel comfortable as well as sure that everything is in its place. If this rings close to home, your choice should then definitely be the Nike Epic Lux running tights. The best part is that they come in a variety of dark shades, so if you go with the millennial pink sports bra, go grey with the tights for a cute contrast. If your sports bra is black, you might want to choose the maroon leggings for a little pop of color.

Be on ‘top’ of things

Whether you don’t feel comfortable exercising in just a sports bra, (and prefer to not show too much skin), or simply like the additional layer of clothing for sweat-wicking purposes, a top is always a good idea. Under Armour carries amazing tops, and one of the favorites is by far the UA French Terry Open Back Warm-Up that doesn’t only come in an amazing Bayou Blue shade (goes great with grey tights), but the Terry fabric also helps regulate your core temperature, so you don’t feel suffocated even during the most grueling of exercises.

Life- and style-savers

Now that you’re all set in the gear department, it’s time to round things up with a few style as well as workout motivation enhancers. Fill up your iPod with jams that have the ability to get you pumped about your workout session. Wristbands are mandatory because not only do they make for a super-fine accessory, they’re also your little sweat-wickers that make sure nothing throws you off your game.  While makeup at the gym is not a great idea, a little color never hurts and that’s where a tinted lip balm steps in. Deodorant is not to be left behind, as you won’t be anywhere near perfection without smelling great. Finally, you need a great bag that will accommodate all your stuff. Now, this is a statement piece, so the choice is narrowed down and the winner is the Marc Jacobs D1 Packables Duffle. This bag isn’t only fabulous enough to be taken out for a smoothie after the gym, it’s also large enough for all your necessities and then some.


I'm Patricia Baker, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I enjoy researching and writing product reviews as a way to help other consumers (like myself) make informed decisions.

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