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Morton Water Softener Reviews

Hard water is a problem we tend to ignore. Until recently, I have put up resignedly with the spotty dishes and the limestone build-up in the bathroom. I thought that it was just a fact of life. But I finally had it when I started to develop eczema a couple of years ago.

We’ll get to this later…

Although there is not a lot of research done in this field, I was convinced the hard water was responsible. So I decided to invest in a Morton water softener system.

You probably know Morton for their table salt but ​Morton also manufactures water softeners and related products like softener pellets. The Morton company was created in 1848 during the Gold Rush.

Here’s why

In 1911, ​Morton created the first free-flowing salt by adding magnesium carbonate. Until then, clumping salt was a huge problem created by humidity. The Morton salt girl with her umbrella and the slogan When it rains it pours® became really famous in the twenties.

In this Morton water softener review, we are going to explain what is hard water, how to choose a water softener, what to expect from a Morton softener system and finally, we’re going to look at ​Morton's best-selling models.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is ​one with a high mineral content. When water moves through rock and soil, it takes with it minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonates which make the ​it hard. The problem is worse when there’s also iron and manganese ions in ​it.

To know if your home water is hard, you can ask your city hall or buy testing strips or a hard water testing kit on Amazon. You can also have it analyzed by a laboratory but it can be pretty expensive. The easiest way to tell is if you have a lime scale build-up in the bathroom and spotty dishes.

Hard water is a nuisance in the filtration of your whole house. The deposit of lime scale can clog the pipes and it can damage water-using appliances like the dishwasher and the washing machine.

Doing the laundry with hard water makes the fabric stiff and rough and cause a graying of your clothes. Hard water makes soap and detergent less effective which means you have to use a greater quantity of them.

As you have guessed, all of these problems cost a lot of money in the long run.

If you suspect you have hard water at home, you ​will want to consider buying a Morton softener system, as I did. People with a sodium-restricted diet ​should use potassium chloride instead of salt but it’s more expensive.

How To Choose A Water Softener?

When choosing the best Morton​ softener, there are two factors to take into consideration. The first one is how hard your water is and the second one is how much ​of it your household uses. The greater these are, the greater your needs of softening will be and you have to choose your Morton softener accordingly.

The level of hardness is measured in grains per gallon or gpg and your water can be considered hard if your gpg is over 7.

Let’s say your household is using 250 gallons of water every day and the hardness of your water is 6. 250 x 6 = 1500

If you choose a 27000-grain Morton softener, you will need to regenerate the salts every 18 days.

  • 27000/1500 = 18 days
  • 30000 grain = 20 days
  • 34000 grain = 23 days

To regenerate the ​system, you will need between 5 to 10 lbs of salt so you can now calculate how much salt you will need every year and how much it will cost.

What To Expect From A Morton Softener System?

A water softener gets rid of calcium and magnesium by using a process called ion exchange. The Morton softener’s tank is filled with resin beads which are charged negatively. The positively charged mineral ions cling to the resin beads and are thus removed from the water. Once the resin beads are saturated with minerals, the system has to be regenerated.

You now have soft water in your home and this will protect your appliances and fixtures. Your soap and shampoo will lather better. Your dishes will be spot-free. Your clothes will be soft. And your skin will no longer feel dry and itchy.

Morton softeners are efficient whole-house systems which are easy to install and easy to use. They are using Morton's ‘Look Ahead’ technology which predicts your future water needs and regenerates automatically. It means that ​Morton softeners regenerate only when it’s needed and it will save up to 50% of salt.

​Morton softeners have a compact design that will save you a lot of space.

They come with a free installation kit, free Morton technical support, and a power interruption protection. ​Morton offers a 10-year warranty on tanks and 1-year on parts. They have an excellent customer service but the replacement parts can be a bit expensive.

The Morton softeners also remove iron and manganese ions from your water.

Let’s take a look at the different models and the overall top Morton water soften​ing reviews.

1. 27K WTR Softener unit M27

27K WTR Softener Unit
  • Capacity: 27000 grain
  • Dimensions: 19x23x44 in
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Service flow rate: 6,5 GPM
  • Iron removed: 7 ppm (part per million)

​This Morton softener has the smallest capacity of all with 27000 grain.

It’s a great option if you have a small household that doesn’t use a lot of water.

Morton® System Saver® 30,000
  • Capacity: 30000 grain

  • Dimensions: 17x21x43 in

  • Weight: 111 lbs

  • Service flow rate: 7 GPM

  • Iron removed: 7 ppm (part per million)

This Morton softener is the smallest in size and with a capacity of 30000 grain, it’s a great option if you want or need to save space.

It can be used by medium to large household.

34K WTR Softener Unit
  • Capacity: 34000 grain

  • Dimensions: 19x22,5x44 in

  • Weight: 111 lbs

  • Service flow rate: 8 GPM

  • Iron removed: 9 ppm (part per million)

This very efficient Morton unit is a great option if you have a large household or if your water is very hard.

Coming in a space saving design, this Morton system only regenerates when needed.

Morton Salt Company 34M
  • Capacity: 34000 grain
  • Dimensions: 18,2x13,2x48 in
  • Weight: 91 lbs
  • Service flow rate: 8 GPM
  • Iron removed: 9 ppm (part per million)

​The Morton 34 WTF Softener Unit has the same capacity than the previous model but is smaller and lighter in weight. It’s great if you have a large household or very hard water and want to save some space.

​Our Top Choice: 27K WTR Softener unit M27

  • ​Capacity: 27000 grain
  • Dimensions: 19x23x44 in
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Service flow rate: 6,5 GPM
  • Iron removed: 7 ppm (part per million)
27K WTR Softener Unit

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To Conclude

​Morton water soften​ing systems can benefit practically anyone. I remember reading somewhere that 85% of American homes have hard water in their tap.

Personally, I am glad I took the plunge and think it was money well-spent. My skin problems have hugely improved and my skin is much softer now. My dishes are spotless and my clothes are soft. Cleaning the bathroom is now a breeze. Not to mention that the tap water no longer has this annoying metal taste.

We have seen the benefits of using a Morton water softening unit and how to choose the best Morton water soften​ing system for you. You can also pair them with the best water softener salt for a better performing system.

Now you have all the information you need to make your decision from our water softener reviews. Remember to only invest in the real deal and stay wary from knock offs! 


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