Jump Shoes That Help You Dunk

Being able to dunk is one of the coolset skills in basketball, and though it is given the same number of points as a normal field goal, it gives the whole team a confidence boost and is a great way to assert your dominance on the court. While the best way to achieve higher vertical jumps is to perform vertical jump exercises and maintain a healthy diet, specialty jump shoes also help you dunk better by supplementing your regular workout regimen.

Choosing the right jump shoes for you, however, is another matter. With so many shoes available on the market all claiming to be the best of the best, which one should you choose? Well, good news is we have done all the hard work for you.

Basketball Shoes vs Jump Shoes

Basketball shoes are designed specifically for those who play basketball and provide extra support around the ankles compared to regular athletic or tennis shoes. When choosing basketball shoes, you should look for those that are made with thick rubber soles. The rubber soles support the bottom of your feet well and help reduce pressure on your heels as you practice your vertical jump and dunk.

However, there is a difference between regular basketball shoes and specialty jump shoes. Basketball shoes are great for practicing and playing basketball, while jump shoes help you work on one specific aspect of the game: your vertical leap. You will notice that specialty jump training shoes generally are extra heavy and have an extended pad under your toes. These features force you to train your calf muscle and work extra hard when jumping.

Purpose-Built Jump Shoes

1ATI Katapault Training Shoes are jump shoes where the forepart of the shoe is the main feature of these shoes. ATI Katapault Training Shoes allow for flexibility in your movements while practicing your dunks and they are also comfortable to wear. These are probably the best shoes for dunking that money can buy.

2Similar to ATI Training Shoes, the Athletic Training Innovations Strength Shoes are top-notch athletic jump shoes with the platform also built in the forepart. The increased weight of the shoes helps you train the calf muscle, which in turn helps increase your vertical jump. These are strictly training shoes to help you achieve better results with your jump and not meant to wear during competition.

3Nike Hyperdunk basketball sneakers are designed specifically to help you jump as high as possible. This ultra-light weight pair of jumping shoes uses the same technology that NASA uses on space suits called fly wire. Each pair weighs around 13 oz while normal basketball shoes are about 16 to 18 oz.

ATI Training ShoeATI Training Shoe

Nike Hyperdunk Mens Basketball ShoesNike Hyperdunk Mens Basketball Shoes

Athletic Training Innovations Strength ShoeAthletic Training Innovations Strength Shoe

Jump Soles

Jumpsoles Jump & Speed Training System 5.0 MensJumpsoles Jump & Speed Training System 5.0 MensCHECK PRICE

The jump soles are made to strap on your regular sneakers or basketball shoes to help train your calf muscle and increase your vertical jump. Working similarly to strength shoes, the jump sole padding is three inches thick and elevates your heels which makes the training more demanding.

Many users have reported increased vertical jump using jump soles. So if you already have a regular pair of basketball shoes, it’s wise to invest in jump soles instead of buying a brand new pair. The great thing about jump soles is that you can use them with different pairs of shoes, so you can leave them in your gym bag and just attach them to whichever shoes you are wearing for the day.

Places to Buy Affordable Jump Shoes

Athletic shoe stores are the best places to buy jump shoes because these stores offer a variety, and they sell the shoes at affordable or discount prices. Another good place to purchase bargain shoes is online shoe retailers such as the Amazon store, because sometimes they have brands or sizes of shoes that you may not find in regular shoe stores. You might even find affordable shoes in mail-order catalogs although some of catalogs lack established brands.


Jump shoes or jump soles are necessary training tools for improving your vertical jump and practicing dunking. However, they are not a substitute for regular basketball practice workouts and a healthy diet. If you practice jumping everyday with your jump shoes, chances are your vertical jump will increase as well!

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