Health Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike

Unlike upright bikes, best recumbent bikes are tailored to help you sit lower on the ground with the legs in front instead of below. In addition to helping you improve your cardiovascular health, manage your weight, more comfort, and safety etc., these bikes boast plenty of health benefits.

While both an upright bike and a recumbent bike can assist you to achieve your goals, the latter offers many benefits that make it a darling for many. The following are some of the health reasons:

Benefit #1: Easy on joints

The recumbent bike features a bucket seat that perfectly supports the lower back. The ankles and knees are protected from injurious and painful impact. It’s also possible for one to stand on the bike’s pedals thus lowering the impact on the ankles and knees. This health benefit is of utmost importance especially to folks suffering from arthritis.

Benefit #2: Better support for the lower back

The other health benefit of recumbent bikes must do with the fact that they’re easier on the lumbar spine (lower back). Their design informs this benefit. The bike, unlike the upright one that has users hunched over the handlebars, encourages better spinal posture.

Benefit #3: Targets more muscles

Recumbent bikes are more effective at helping you to target more muscles compared to an upright bike. You can be able to build and strengthen muscles in the buttocks, lower legs, and thighs. Cycling is also efficient when it comes to building more lean body mass. Since recumbent bike places legs in different positions compared to an upright bike, they target the muscles in a different way. Consequently, the bike enables you to target an array of muscles. Did you know that combining an upright bike with a stationary recumbent bike to paddle outdoors is an incredible way of targeting the different muscles in your legs? Now you know!

recumbent bike

Benefit #4: Improved cardiovascular health

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercises utilize the large muscle groups like hamstring muscles and quadriceps of the thighs as well as gluteal muscles of buttocks. Of great importance to note is that recumbent cycling is a type of cardiovascular exercise that helps to strengthen the lungs and heart as well as improve the ability of the body to use oxygen. By taking part in cardiovascular exercises regularly, you’ll be able to decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. That way, you make breathing easier.

Benefit #5: Better weight management and increased strength

Cycling tends to use the large legs in the legs, buttocks and thighs to build more lean body mass. Recumbent bike helps to build strength especially in the lower extremities. According to extensive studies, regular use of these bikes can be handy for rehabilitation and strength exercises. This is particularly helpful for the elderly individuals as it helps them to step-up their movements. Recumbent cycling is also magical when it comes to burning calories, making it effortless to maintain and lose weight.

Benefit #6: Safety

In comparison to an upright bike, many experts consider recumbent bikes to be the safer option. Consequently, these bikes are mostly used in rehab institutions. They offer a larger seat and back support. Because they are lower to the ground, they make it effortless for seniors and rehab patients to get off and on.

In Summary

Recumbent bikes bring with plenty of benefits when compared to an upright bike. That explains why they’re turning out to be popular with personal trainers and health clubs. They’re ideal for folks that want to improve their aerobic fitness, burn calories and fats as well as desire to be comfortable while exercising. The above are some of the health benefits of recumbent bikes.


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