The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik: The Lightweight Cleaning Assistant No One Should Do Without

At first glance, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vaccum seems like a joke. I know, it might sound strange, but it’s under $30 so you can’t help but think it’s a joke. At least that’s what I thought when I first saw it. But it turns out it’s quite a nifty little vacuum cleaner that you’ll have a tough time doing without once you get used to it. So, let’s look at what this little devil can do.

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik: Features

simpli-stick-dirt-devilThe Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is a two-in-one unit, meaning that you can convert it into a hand vacuum. It’s designed to work without a bag and has a cord that’s sixteen feet long. It weighs just under four pounds and also comes with an on-board tool for getting into those annoying crevices.

According to the manufacturer, the Simpli-Stik was created for the way you live, but I’m not sure what they mean by that. Maybe that we’re all in a rush all the time and this vacuum can help you clean up quickly. But that’s not important. What is important is that this vacuum cleaner is supposed to work on hard floors, rugs, and any type of carpeting.

You’re also supposed to be able to remove the hand vac easily, which can then be used to remove dust, dirt and any crumbs on your furniture, shelving, drapes and any other surfaces. The crevice tool is designed to let you get into those awkward spaces that you couldn’t otherwise get to, such as in corners, behind and down the sides of your furniture, along the edges of appliances and electronics and so on. So, basically in any area where you can’t get the vac into as it is.

Note that it doesn’t have auto cord rewind, meaning that you manually have to wrap up the cord. It also doesn’t have a brush roll, which might make it harder to pick up hair off carpeting. The filter can be rinsed out, but there are replacements available as well.

Is the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Worth It?

I can’t say that the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is the best vacuum cleaner around, and certainly not for in-depth cleaning. However, I have to admit that I’ve become rather attached to my Simpli-Stik.

First of all, I have to warn you that some assembly is required. It’s nothing too complicated, but if you’re like me—I’m completely hopeless—then you might want to get some help. I didn’t even bother because I’m the type who could follow instructions for putting together a chair and end up with a submarine, so I did the smart thing and got my husband to put it together. Now, we won’t mention that it took him forever, even though he had the instructions right there, and even I could see what went where. Normally, it should be a two-minute job, which I have proof of because my best friend got one after she saw mine and it took her husband less than two minutes to get it together.

So, once he put it together, I decided to test it. I discovered it was quite effective on hair and dirt, especially on hardwood floors and tiles, but not so impressive on carpeting. This is probably because it doesn’t have a brush roller, which is mandatory for picking up hair off carpets and rugs.

To be honest, it’s a great little unit for the price, especially if you need something to help you with simple jobs. I like being able to clean the furniture after my kids have been watching TV and making a mess with popcorn and chips. I can whip out my Dirt Devil and clean everything up in a flash without having to pull out my main vacuum cleaner.

Exactly, I have my main vacuum cleaner, which I use for serious cleaning, while the Dirt Devil is my day-to-day assistant, helping me handle small and simple tasks. But I really like it because I’d have to use a brush, otherwise, and the Dirt Devil is much more effective than trying to sweep the mess up.

Plus, it’s also great at picking up dust off the furniture as well as picking up debris from between couch cushions. I don’t think my couch has ever been this clean.

To be honest, at this price you can’t go wrong. My best friend loves hers so much that she bought another two so she could have one on each floor. I’m not sure why, though, because it’s so light it’s a breeze to carry up and downstairs.

Does the Simpli-Stik Have Any Drawbacks?

It’s difficult to fault this unit because it’s so budget-friendly. If I had any complaints it would be that the cord could be longer. Sixteen feet is barely enough to get to the top of the stairs, which means I have to go downstairs, unplug it, come back upstairs and plug it in again.

Another annoyance is that the dirt canister is a bit small. Sure, it’s bagless so you don’t have to spend a fortune on bags, but you have to empty that canister out pretty often. Plus, it’s okay for carpets but not for thorough cleaning.

So, for me the Simpli-Stik is definitely worth it but only as my cleaning assistant to have around to clean up those quick messes you can’t just leave lying around, like when your kids walk sand or dirt into the house. However, for thorough cleaning, you’re definitely going to need something stronger. But at under $30, the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is perfect for those jobs you’d normal use a brush or a dust rag. And it’s definitely more effective.


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