How To Create Your Own Balcony Garden?


In a house or an apartment without a yard, the balcony is probably the only open space connecting to the open air outside. So, instead of leaving this precious space lifeless with plain balcony rails, you’d better turn it into the best account by creating a lovely verdant garden there.

But how to create your own balcony garden? Well! It’s not just about putting some tree pots randomly here and there on the floor, but it requires a lot of efforts, time and attention to get the satisfying result.

Studying these tips below is the very first step in the procedure of creating your balcony garden!

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How To Create Your Own Balcony Garden?

#1: Preparing Spots

Balcony space is usually quite small with the floor in the shape of a narrow strip. But, even a mini garden needs enough space to develop well. So, the question here is how you can manage to have a halfway area for a balcony garden? There are several helpful options for you to choose from:

Hanging Pots

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This helps you utilize the blank space on the walls and the roof above. Moreover, handmade hanging planters from recycling bottles, classic pots, planks, etc. have great decorative effects on your garden. It’s also the way to showing your style and reflect your personality.

Building Racks

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This is another great manner to grow your plants – both greenery or flower. This way, you also grow your plants in pots, but instead of placing the pots scattered, you will put them on multi-level racks in order to save space. The dimensions of your racks should be designed based on the size and shape of your balcony.

#2: Preparing and Growing Plants

The main content of your balcony garden is the plant. You have to draw up a list of plants you want to grow in your tiny garden.

When sketching your future garden, you should pay attention to which kinds of plant will meet both your interest and conditions. When I say “conditions”, I mean the weather and the size of your balcony.

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In terms of weather condition, you can ask the plant shop staffs for advice or search on the Internet yourself. You need to know how much of the moisture, light, wind, etc. that each type of plant need, then combine them with the weather zone where you live for the best options of the plant.

Besides, it’s important to know the size of the plants when they’re fully mature to gauge if your balcony has enough room for them or not. You can ask the staffs for this, too.

When you’ve had a good start, the next phase is getting right down to grow and take care of these verdant friends. They need different types of soil to thrive. Some prefer sand, while others like peaty.

No matter which kinds of pots you choose, you should take notice of their suitability for each plant in terms of the size. In general, they all need dotting in their bottom to keep the content free of overwatering.

Remember to equip yourself with good gardening implements to take care of your garden correctly and easily. Follow the instruction on how to grow plants, how to water them, pest control solutions, etc. In short, everything should be taken into account seriously.

You can consider using some common safe fertilizer such as urea, ESN, etc. if needed.

#3: Designing and Decorating

Once you’ve had everything for a lovely balcony garden, you should find a way to mix them up into a gorgeous garden. Our advice is making sure the colors of your plants, pots, racks and floor not only in sync but also reflect your own character mark.

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Moreover, you’d better invest your creativity in making pots and racks by recycling. You can also design a convenient place for your gardening implements there.

Balcony garden is an ideal oasis for holding tea parties. So, why don’t you prepare some furniture such as benches, sofas or deck chairs here if possible? Remember to select suitable options for your lovely garden.


Building a balcony garden cannot be done at a stroke of a pen. It calls for your real interest in gardening, thoroughness, time and money as well. But what a lovely garden can bring is much more tremendous: healthy hobby, nice scene, natural breeze, and so on.

Let’s start creating your own balcony garden creatively! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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