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There is nothing better than tasting the first sip of coffee early in the morning as you prepare for your day. If you work outside of your home, you may consider stopping at a local cafe and allowing a skilled barista to make you an expensive cup of coffee, but why waste the money when you can brew a delicious cup of joe at home?

These days, you don't need to wait in line at local cafes or national-chain coffee shops. You will find plenty of high-quality coffee makers on the market that will brew coffee at home, allowing you lots of time to relax in your pajamas and savor the delectable flavor of your favorite bean. The best part of brewing at home is that you don't have to waste your money buying expensive coffee every day or investing in overpriced in-home machines.

You can find an inexpensive coffee maker to perform various brewing tasks, whether you prefer: 

• cold brew from cold-brew makers

• non-electric pour-over coffee

• capsule machines

• espresso

• traditional drip coffee maker

• a machine with a water filtration system or a pre-infusion mode

You can also find reasonably priced single-serve coffee makers or bulk canisters to share expertly brewed coffee with your family or colleagues. 

Below, you'll find some of the best budget coffee makers under $100. 

Are Expensive Coffee Makers Necessary? A Buyer's Guide

It’s all about the beans, not the equipment. It's normal to assume that you’ll need an expensive coffee maker to brew a delicious cup of coffee, but that isn't necessarily true. A home coffee maker will undoubtedly get the job done, as long as you brew quality coffee beans. It doesn't matter how expensive your maker is if you don't have the appropriate coffee.

You may still have a problem determining which type of coffee maker you should choose since you can find products ranging from as low as $20 to several thousand dollars. Here are some tips to help you determine which one is best for you:

Convenience: Whether you like to wake up to the smell of fresh-brewed java with a programmable coffee maker or prefer to actively participate in the coffee-making process with a manual French press brewer, you have options.

Timing: Some inexpensive brewers have a thermal carafe to keep coffee warm throughout the day, perfect for avid coffee drinkers. 

Brew Size: Choose between brewers that make several cups of coffee at once or a single-serve coffee maker if you prefer to make one cup at a time. 

Extra Features: Just because a brewer has a low price doesn't mean it can't have additional features to enhance the coffee-making experience. Some models include a water filter, thermal carafes, timers, audible alerts, or light indicators.

Coffee Type: Don't worry about taking up too much counter space in your kitchen with multiple machines. Though some drip machines only produce coffee while others also make espresso, you can always find a cheap hybrid model that will brew both types of coffee if you enjoy a variety. 

You can find many economical coffee products to match the qualifications in every category. Here are some of the best ones. 

Top 6 Cheap Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

Offers under $80.

Whether you are brewing coffee for yourself or your family, you can expect a perfect cup with this Hamilton Beach drip coffee maker. It has a side for serving one cup at a time and a 12-cup side so that you can brew enough for yourself or guests at any time. With a multilevel cup rest, you can fill any size mug or thermos with your favorite coffee.

Choose how strong or light you want your coffee with the help of the Hamilton Beach intelligence feature, and keep your java pleasantly warm on its hot plate. The brewer has a two-hour shut-off, so you don't have to worry about accidentally keeping the machine running and starting a fire. It's simple to use and easy to clean, thanks to its no-spill carafe. 

Though this Hamilton Beach brew coffee maker is compatible with ground coffee and coffee pods, it will also make a tasty single serving of tea or hot chocolate. Use its programmable brewing feature to make a hot drink for any time of day. 

Secura French Press

Offers under $25.

This stylish espresso maker is one of the best in its price range. The sleek 18/10 stainless steel machine is incredibly durable, so it will hold up with everyday use. It comes with multiple stainless steel screens, one of which you can either save for later use or stack within the press for additional filtration to produce a more refined brew. 

With a stainless steel carafe that holds 34 ounces, this French press is perfect for serving guests, but you can also use it to make just enough for yourself. The coffee inside the brewer stays hot, thanks to its double-wall, but with its extra-large handle and secure lid, you can safely pour into your cub without worry. When you finish with the brewer, you can place the Secura French Press in the dishwasher, making cleaning up a breeze.

This simple-to-use machine is perfect for anyone who has the time to make excellent pour-over coffee. Unlike bulky electric espresso machines, this model takes up little space without sacrificing brew size or flavor.

Mr. Coffee Easy Measure

Offers under $28.

If you often need to make multiple cups of joe, the Mr. Coffee Easy Measure is one of the best options to use because of its low price point. It has a 12-cup capacity, a digital display, a warming plate, and a color-coded scoop for measuring the appropriate amounts of coffee grounds into the machine. 

This Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker is one of the best drip coffee makers available that boasts easy use, a low price, and foolproof coffee-making methods. With its color-coded scoop, you can be confident you're putting the precise amount of grounds in the paper filter to brew perfect-tasting java at your preferred intensity every time. 

With its digital control panel, you will see how long the Mr. Coffee pot stays on the non-stick warming plate, which keeps your coffee hot until you're ready to drink. No matter how long you wait, you can expect a fresh cup of java without a burned flavor. 

Bella Ultimate Elite Collection 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Offers under $40.

Another fantastic drip coffee maker is the Bella Ultimate Elite Collection. Though it will produce 12 cups as the name suggests, its simple, space-saving design allows it to fit well on small countertops. With its programmable features, you can arrange for freshly brewed cups of coffee up to 24 hours in advance, making this machine a convenience to have in any home. 

For ultimate control over how strong your java is, the Bella Ultimate Elite Collection has a brew strength selector so that you can customize the intensity of each pot you brew. When it's time to clean, enable the machine's unique cleaning cycle and eliminate off-putting contaminants that could affect the coffee's flavor. This helpful addition also prolongs the brewer's longevity, making it one of the more durable options you can buy. 

There's also no need to restock on paper filters. It comes with a reusable filter, making the Bella Ultimate Elite Collection coffee maker a sustainable and affordable way to brew coffee. 

K-Elite Coffee Maker

Offers under $120.

This budget coffee maker is ideal for users who like to use a k-cup to make a single cup of java in the morning. It's one of the top single-cup brewers available, making delicious coffee in under 90 seconds. With its 75-ounce water reservoir, you can brew up to nine cups before you need to refill it again. 

Get a head start each morning with the K-Elite by using its built-in programming to ensure that the machine turns every day at the exact right time, according to your preferences. Choose between five drink sizes and customize your brew to your preferred strength. 

Water temperature is a crucial factor in the flavor and boldness of coffee, so this machine includes brew temperature controls. You can modify the heat of your coffee between 187 and 192 degrees F to ensure maximum extraction. 

Though this brewer may seem complicated because of its customizable features, it's relatively easy to use. Insert one of your favorite k-cups, select your brew size, customize your settings, and hit the start button.

Black+Decker DLX1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Offers under $35.

This Black+Decker 12 cup programmable coffee maker is a clear runner-up for user-friendly drip coffee makers, especially for its value. It features a glass carafe, a programmable clock, a timer with auto-brew settings, and a warming plate with a two-hour shut-off. The glass carafe is complete with a water level indicator so you can make sure you're brewing the right amount of coffee every time. 

It takes about two minutes to brew a hot, delicious pot of coffee with this maker. To use, fill the removable filter basket with your choice of coffee, fill the water tank, select your brewing options, and you'll soon be enjoying a tasty cup of java. The removable basket and carafe are dishwasher safe, meaning you won't have to waste time manually cleaning each component. 


There's no need to settle for expensive machines or cheap coffee to have a delicious yet affordable cup of joe whenever you want. Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, and Bella are some of the brands that offer affordable options. Whether you select one of the makers on this review or find another model that better suits your brewing needs, you can undoubtedly find fantastic deals on an at-home brew coffee maker to create the perfect pot without breaking the bank.


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