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My name is Patricia Baker, a 35 year old kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I first decided that I would stay at home taking care of my kids full time back in 2006 after giving birth to the most beautiful twins in the world. It has been almost 10 years since then (time flies, huh?).

Anyway, when the kids began to not require as much of my time and attention, I turned to writing and research. It suits me very well :). GosuReviews.com is my latest online project with the aim of helping consumers (like you and me) make informed decisions when purchasing products related to health, fitness, home and family.


If you purchase any of the products through a link on this website, I will earn a commission. That’s the only way I make money out of the effort I put on this website. If you do not want to purchase through my links, it’s all fine :). At the very least, I could give you some useful information to make an informed decision.

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