5 Easy Tips for Exterior and Yard Cleaning

Exterior of the house is indicative of what to expect inside it. Home owners, who are extremely cleanliness pro, love to keep all the areas of the house spic-and-span and pay special attention to the exterior of the house so that it always shines like new. It is therefore necessary to design a definite plan when you are out to make the exterior of your house completely devoid of dirt and debris. Divide the exterior into various areas so that you can have planned cleaning which allows you cover all the portions.

Tips for exterior and yard cleaning are listed below and these are compiled keeping various areas of the exterior in mind:

  • Follow top to bottom approach and concentrate on roof first: Simply cleaning off the alleyway and driveway will not help you have a magnificent exterior. Roof needs to be checked for any kind of clogging and gutter cleaning is very important activity to make sure that unwanted seepage is not taking place. Hence, use power hose to clean the debris off the gutters. Power hoses are available in various mouth sizes that can help the cleaner have customized clearing.
  • Windows should be cleaned top to bottom: Some houses have windows at considerable height. Use long power hoses and mop with long handles to ensure that the windows at height are cleaned to perfection. Make use of good detergent to take the dirt off the glass and use microfiber cloth for ridged sides of the window panels.
  • Take good care of garden area: Garden, if in front, needs to be updated as per the season. If the winter has just gone by, you will find lot of fallen leaves and pollens that have cluttered the garden area. Remove all the fallen leaves and other debris manually so that you have ample space for growing new saplings in the pots and planters. Remove all the weeds with the help of a weed cleaner and make sure that it does not allow the weed to pop up again.
  • Driveway and yard cleaning: You may require repairing of driveway if it is broken due to wear. This activity may keep you engaged for weeks as it involves application of tar. Concentrate on this problem when you have bright sunny days in hand along with the vacations as re-building the driveway is a real time-eater. Still, cleaning the road with a good duster can help you a lot in maintaining otherwise nice looking driveway.
  • Doors and patio: Once you are through with the major areas, you can clean the doors with the help of hose and cloth depending upon the material door is made of. If it is wood, you need to dry clean it else it may swell if the weather is moist. Update your patio area by dusting the furniture and accessories.

House cleaning is never complete if the exterior is not taken care of. Follow the above tips and have a nice shining house as always. Also, don’t forget to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your needs and budgets. Read our reviews on the best vacuum cleaners for more information.

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