5 Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Reviews

best plantar fasciitis night splint

Plantar fasciitis isn't a disorder that you hear about everyday. For that reason, I'm willing to bet that you're only here because you suffer from the condition and are searching for a way to combat it.

Night splints are the most popular non-surgical treatment for plantar fasciitis and work by stretching the plantar fascia as you sleep. An online search will show you that there are countless splints, best shoes and even great tennis shoes for those athletics that are available for Plantar Fasciitis, which means finding the best plantar fasciitis night splint can get a little confusing.

But don't worry! I've sifted through hundreds of plantar fasciitis night splint reviews to bring you five of the best plantar fasciitis night splints.

1. BodySport Night Splint

BodySport Night Splint

It's pretty difficult to find a five star review of anything; so when something gets five stars on Amazon, you better believe it's good.

The BodySport night splint has received glowing reviews, being praised for its effectiveness as well as its durability.

Many night splints ease the pain of plantar fasciitis but cram your toes together like sardines, leaving you with a whole new pain when you wakeup. The BodySport night splint, however, comes equipped with a foam toe wedge to combat this issue. It's also latex free, just incase you're unfortunate enough to suffer from plantar fasciitis and be allergic to latex.

2. Ortho Depot Dorsal Night Splint

Ortho Depot Dorsal Night Splint

Next in our search for the best plantar fasciitis night splint is the Ortho Depot dorsal night splint, which boasts an average of four stars out of ten reviews; that's not bad.

This night splint bears a front strap which allows you to adjust the tension put on your foot. It carries less weight than other night splints and is designed to eliminate that uncomfortable feeling of wearing socks in bed.

Though a number of customers had some minor complaints about the product, they all agreed on one thing: the Ortho Depot dorsal night splint relieved the pain of plantar fasciitis.

3. Vive Night Splint

Vive Night Splint

I know this isn't as pretty as some other options, but when you're looking for the best night splint for plantar fasciitis, is fashion that important? The Vive night splint is big and ugly, but my God it does the job.

Averaging four stars from thirty-four reviews, this night splint offers a padded foam wedge along with powerful velcro straps to give you a custom and comfortable fit.

A common complaint with night splints is that they are too warm to wear beneath a duvet. However, this splint is lightweight and breathable, so you can fight plantar fasciitis without breaking a sweat.

4. United Ortho Night Splint

United Ortho Night Splint

Though United Ortho sound like the worst crime fighting team of all time, they make a mean night splint.

The United Ortho night splint comes with adjustable dorsiflexion and can hold your foot anywhere between ten to ninety degrees. On top of this feature, the splint's multiple straps and buckles allow for a custom fit, much like the previous product.

With a cushioned calf and padded interior, it ensures you can rest easy while it gets to work on your plantar fasciitis. It isn't hard to see why fifty-five percent of the 401 reviews for this product have been five stars.

5. Cramer Dorsal Night Splint

Cramer Dorsal Night Splint

The final item on our list of the best night splints for plantar fasciitis relief is the Cramer dorsal night splint.

Although it looks like a piece of plumping, the Cramer dorsal night splint has earned itself an average of four stars from 1,033 reviews. That's right, over 1,000 people have reviewed this and it still manages an average of four stars.

With its clamshell exterior and seemingly indestructible straps, this night split offers incredible support and holds the affected foot in perfect position all night long. It is another night splint to tackle the problem of overheating, and promises minimal heat retention.


So, there you have it! Five of the best night splints to remedy your plantar fasciitis. Any one of these products should provide you with suitable pain relief, leaving no need for surgery.

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Of course, the internet is a pretty big place and it is very possible that I missed out on a couple of noteworthy night splints, so feel free to do some searching around before settling on any of the products I mentioned here. After all, I will be happy as long as you beat plantar fasciitis, a condition which can be a real pain in the foot.

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