10 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy and Productive in College

Keeping a balance between school and social life can be a difficult task for most of the college students. If you do not have a structure well suited for these types of stress and work, you should really take the time and think about it until it’s not too late. Having a well-established plan of action will definitely help you manage your time better. Therefore, a change must be done. In order to become a more healthy and productive student, you should manage your daily activities in a more effective way.

The 10 following tips will aid you in your fight against inefficiency.

1.Get Enough Sleep

In general, adults need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night. Think about sleeping as your recharging time. What happens to your phone if it’s not charged? It dies. This won’t happen to you but you will still feel the consequences of being half awake. Your productivity and motivation will begin to lower and your health as well. Having a “sleep debt” will decrease your immune system while your body will have a hard time fighting disease. So, in order to avoid all these negative effects sleep at least 7 hours per night.

2.Don’t Smoke

It’s weird how everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, yet everyone continues to smoke. Some people say that smoking decreases stress. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you are smoking you usually sit down or take a break. This can be easily misunderstood as stress release. When taking a break from something you automatically lower your heartbeat and from this results a stress release. Remember, every “advantage” that smoking gives us is just a mind game. Don’t be fooled by it!


You can try implementing a morning workout session in your daily routine. You will gain countless benefits from working out in the morning. You will boost your metabolism and you will feel the need to eat healthier during the day.  Let’s not forget that your energy and focus will increase substantially throughout the day. Your workout should be the first thing you do every morning. Implementing this habit will help you emerge in the perfect state of mind.

4.Drink Water

If you manage to drink the exact amount of water that your body needs, your energy throughout the day will improve together with your life appetite. When I’m saying “Drink Water”, I’m referring only to water. Not sodas or any other junk liquids. Your body is made almost entirely out of water; therefore remember to give your body high-quality liquids in order to help it function well and for a long time.

5.Keep a Fresh Look

In order to keep your motivation and productivity at the desired level, you should take the time and make yourself look good during classes. Take your nice clothes; use a little makeup, anything that might boost your motivation. When you look good you feel good, and that’s the whole point. Most of us put a high price on appearances; therefore, if this helps you become more productive, don’t hesitate to do it.

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Relax! Don’t take it so seriously. College might be important but your well-being is much more important. College is just a small step, therefore, don’t drain all your powers with it. High amounts of stress can cause numerous problems and even hurt your mental health.

The best way to relax is to establish a routine that allows you to take breaks more often. This relaxing time can be spent reading, going out with friends, playing football or anything that makes you happy.

7.Limit Your Social Media Time

Have you ever heard of the statement “your phone is controlling your life”? You definitely did. This might not be so far from the truth. Jumping from one social media to another is mostly a waste of time. Scrolling won’t really help you relax or become more productive. Instead, you should go outside, take a trip, or have an interesting conversation with a friend. From doing these activities you could really learn something and relax in the same time.

Luisa Stone, writer at SuperiorPapers has the following opinion about Social Media: “Social media is really an innovative way to communicate, learn about different cultures, and stay in touch with the entire world. If it happens to become an addiction, it will be a distraction rather than an inspiration”

8.Avoid Caffeine and Sodas

Most of us think that by drinking coffee or different energy drinks we will become more energized. That’s true, but only in the short term. All the sugars and toxins that these drinks contain will put your body through a lot of work in order to get them out of your organism. That will only slow down your organism and your productivity as well. If you really need energy, try eating high protein foods.

9.Don’t Procrastinate

It’s probably one of the hardest things to do, but if you manage to keep a strict schedule, you shall feel much more free and motivated. Procrastination is the source of your stress. Stress appears in those moments in which you’re starting to run out of time.

Therefore, if you have an important task that must be delivered tomorrow, do it right away. Don’t wait until the last second to stress about it and probably be late with it anyway. Procrastination is like a sickness. You must first become aware of it in order to cure it.

10.Get a Flu Shot

Getting a flu shot is one of the easiest ways to maintain your health during winter. Most colleges offer flu shots with reduced prices. Therefore, make sure you get one. So, you will be able to spend your winter being productive instead of wasting money on expensive treatments.


Applying all these tips will really turn around your life in the best possible way. You won’t even recognize yourself. Believe me; they will help you become a healthy and productive person. Most successful persons apply these habits. Why won’t you?

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