Paleo Recipe Book Review – Which One Is Best For You?

Do you believe that a single cookbook will help you achieve a healthy and vibrant life? Read this Paleo Recipe Book Review to find out. We’ve heard people in many forums and discussion boards talking about the benefits of following a Paleo diet. But how many people do you know that actually follow one and get the said benefits?

Preparing meals to keep you and your family healthy is not an easy task. In this book review, I will try to shed some light on the best way to go about the Paleo diet.

As a former kindergarten teacher and mom of 2 beautiful children, taking care of kids is pretty much what I do. I’m a perfectionist and quite fussy when it comes to foods and diet. It can be pretty difficult to find new ways of keeping my family healthy and at the same time making tasty foods. Cooking good meals and seeing the people I love enjoying them is what makes me happy.

I heard of Paleo before but didn’t pay much attention to it. Not until my high-school friend, a fitness trainer, during our high school reunion last May told me about the benefit of Paleo diet and how I was potentially doing it all wrong. I did some research and found out that our meals had not been quite as healthy as I initially thought.

“Some foods that we eat day in and day out are actually harmful to our health!”

I went into panic mode at that point and decided to follow Paleo. But boy it wasn’t an easy task. I was bursting my head to come up with what to eat for breakfast, lunch, then dinner. You probably wonder the same thing I did: what can we eat if we can’t eat grains?

And to be totally honest, I am not always that creative at making up my own recipes. For weeks, my husband didn’t like the lunchbox I packed for him, and my kids complained about not having any dessert even during weekends. I’m a big fan of chocolate by the way.

paleo-recipe-book-cover I began spending hours at a time researching online, trying out different free recipes. I ended up buying a bunch of cookbooks on the Internet. And among those, I often found myself referring to Sébastien Noel’s Paleo recipe book the most.

It has well over 370 recipes which are not only easy to follow but make very tasty meals. His 8 Week Paleo Diet Plan worked out very well for me. (Skip to What’s inside Sébastien’s Paleo Recipe Book)

Gradually, my Paleo cooking skill was improved. And you know what? My husband and children are now in love with my cooking. I’m their hero now (big smile).

What’s most exciting is how energetic and light we feel after the meals. Some of the digestive problems that my husband used to have are completely gone. My children are so excited going shopping and helping me cook during the weekend. They are crazy about my Paleo pancakes for breakfast. I’m just delighted that we are getting healthier everyday and enjoying our life.

I know this is a big wall of text, so if you are looking for cookbooks do yourself a favor and go to my recommendation. I also give some insight on Paleo and weight loss too. By the way, the Table of content is just below, so feel free to jump to the module you like.

Table of Contents
1. Do I Really Need a Cookbook?
2. Why Paleo?
3. What’s Inside the Cookbook?
4. Paleo & Weight Loss
5. The Verdict
6. Paleo Video

Do I Really Need a Cookbook?

To be honest, you don’t. It’s just my preference. I like to have the whole thing laid out for me by a professional who is reliable and trustworthy versus having to look up free recipes all over the net without really knowing whether it’s as healthy as I’d like them to be.

And free stuff eventually runs out or is just not available anymore. Mind you, if you are getting free stuff from the net, it’s always a good idea to fact-check them.

Example: Some free recipes actually suggest using protein powder, which in fact isn’t considered Paleo since it’s not naturally processed.

I personally prefer Sébastien’s Paleo Recipe Book, but you can have a look around and try different books to see which cooking style fits you well. Here are some of the books I have bought and had good experience with. They are all downloadable e-books so you can start using them right away.


Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbook

375 simple and easy to create Paleo Recipes divided into 8 categories and extra 5 special categories.

Also included is the 30 Day Meal Plan + 4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook for newbie. Not to mention 3 additional bonus guides, all for only $37!

Bonus: 1st Edition of Paleo Cookbook with full photo of every recipe.

Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation

Robb Wolf is considered one of the leading experts in Paleolithic nutrition, and is the host of the top-rated Paleo Solution podcast. In addition to the 30 Day Transformation, he also has 2 additional guides to assist you on your Paleo journey.

He is a NY Times Best-Selling author and this book aims at totally transforming you in 30 days with the Paleo Diet. Robb has given seminars to organizations such as NASA and the United States Marine Corps.

Tell me More, Why Paleo?

Have you noticed that so many health issues like diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, heart problems, cancer, and many other chronic conditions were rarely seen like 50 or 60 years ago? And when you see all the people around you, maybe even your friend or relative, having this kind of sickness, it kind of hits home hard.

There’s a strong association between diseases and the food we eat these days. Changing the way you and your family eat, therefore, is essential. And Paleo is a great way to go about bringing your diet back to the bare essentials.

If you can pick it or kill it, then it is probably safe to eat it.

The concept is actually no more complicated than eating the way our ancestors did: all natural food. It is not the latest weight loss program or celebrity diet that leaves you craving for sugar-laden foods. It is the diet designed by nature.

Our bodies are built to follow this natural diet consisting of high-protein, low-carbohydrate foods as opposed to the high-carb, low-protein of modern days’ foods. Here is what Paleo means to you at the basic level:


  • Grass-fed and lean meat
  • Seafood & Fish
  • Eggs
  • Healthy oils (coconut, olive, avocado, etc)
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Fresh veggies & fruits
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Legumes & Lentils
  • Potatoes
  • Refined vegetables oils
  • Refined sugar & Preservatives
  • Processed Foods


Just to emphasize my point, take a closer look at these facts:

Grains and legumes produce inflammatory proteins that are toxic to your system.

Fructose (sugar) when reacted with proteins, creates destructive AGEs (Advanced glycation end-products). Additionally, fructose can only be processed by the liver, which puts additional strain on your body.

Polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) when consumed in excess will likely contribute to many chronic health issues. Most vegetable seed oils are high in omega-6 PUFA and low in omega-3 PUFA while their intake should ideally be equal amount.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are still on the fence about following a Paleo diet, I can tell you that you will be thankful for doing so. Of course, unless you don’t want to have:

1A lot of energy and stronger immune system

2Slower aging process and increased sex drive

3Sleep like a baby and lose weight easily

There are plenty more reasons. Why don’t you find out?

The Paleo Recipe Book

What’s Actually Inside the Paleo Recipe Book?

Here are what you going to get if you purchase the Paleo Recipe Book by Sébastien Noel: paleo-recipe-book-cover

  • 395 pages of over 370 Paleo recipes
  • Full of photos so that you know exactly what your end product looks like
  • An additional cookbook with 30 quick & simple Paleo recipes
  • 8 Week Meal Plans + Herb & Spice Guide
  • Mouth watering Paleo Dessert

370 Paleo Recipes sounds like an overwhelming number, but do not worry, those are smartly divided into 18 different categories to help you plan out your meals.

Here are some previews:

Brussel Sprout and Balcon Medley

Crock Pot Beef And Sweet Potato Stew

Shrimp And Salmon Chowder

If you are new to Paleo, Sébastien provides you with 8 Weeks Paleo Diet Plan + Herb & Spice Guide. I found this very useful for myself when I just started following Paleo. That will help get you off the ground real fast and keep your family on the right track to a healthy Paleo Diet Plan.

You will also learn how to make Paleo Desserts prepared with natural ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil or raw honey. Did I mention that I love chocolate and my kids are crazy about my Cranberry Muffins :)

All the Paleo recipes listed in this book are quick and easy to follow, granted that you need a little bit of cooking skills. The recipes come with full color photos of the end result, which is something very handy. Do you feel frustrated when trying a recipe without knowing how it’s going to look like and whether or not you are cooking it right? I know I do.

The most important thing is that the dishes are delicious and nutritious. We started around mid of May, 2012 and have already seen great improvement in our overall energy and health.

At the price tag of $25 for 370 recipes plus many helpful bonuses, I say it’s a very reasonable deal. Well, making a small investment in my family’s health is something I don’t think twice about. The benefits of it all are well worth the effort and money.

The Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Recipe Book and Weight Loss

There has been much discussion on the effectiveness of Paleo diet on weight loss and fitness. Some say “That’s the Atkins diet, and he died of a heart attack”. Those who make this argument simply do not understand the concept of Paleo.

Paleo focuses on having well-balanced nutrition while taking out the toxins that are harmful to your health. It aims at increasing your overall level of energy and metabolism, and is not some quick fix to cut your weight. With the recipes provided in Paleo Recipe Book, you are in the right track.

Even though Paleo Recipes are good for weight loss, you should set your expectation straight. In my opinion, no diet alone can help you achieve a lean body. It should be combined with regular exercise and an active lifestyle. When it comes to diet, the most important mindset is that you have to commit to your body and take action. Don’t think it’s “too hard”. You already have the tools, and just need to push it forward.

I’m not pretending that I’m an expert in fitness and weight loss (although I’ve never had problems with staying fit). But my friend Gill, a fitness trainer who introduced me to Paleo in the first place, shared with me her experience with Paleo Recipe Book By Sebastien Noel.

Since starting to eat Paleo, she saw some awesome benefits for her training, especially her energy level. Her recovery time decreased slowly over time, and the ability to push her body to the next level has been very palpable.

“As far as my energy level goes, give me 30 minutes post workout, I feel I could do it all again!” – Gill

She often advises her clients that the combination of a good diet and good workout is your recipe to a lean body. They go hand in hand and complement each other. I say Paleo diet accounts for 50% of your weight loss effort, the rest will depend on the commitment you make to your body.

Paleo Recipe Book Review – The Verdict & One Big Tip!

It has been great for me and my family since we started the Paleo diet. If you haven’t, it really just bounds down to whether you are ready to make a commitment to a more active and healthier lifestyle. Trust me, it’s super fun cooking up a delicious meal knowing that it’s both healthy and nutritious.

And if you are reading this, gentlemen, it would be sweet to give your wife a small surprise with a tasty, natural Paleolithic meal. You may change her mind about following Paleo diet.

If you are looking for a good cookbook to start your Paleo journey, I have no qualm recommending Sebastien Noel’s cookbook. Like I mentioned earlier, it is easy and simple to follow while at the same time maintaining tasty and nutritious meals. Among the cookbooks that I bought, I often found myself refer back to Sebastien book. You can purchase this book for $25 with a lot of bonuses to boost.

Sometime down the road, you may be feeling it hard to follow Paleo diet, so here’s a little tip to make things easier: You can cheat :). Yes, you heard it right. You can cheat by following a strict Paleo diet 90% of the time and treat yourself to some smart indulgences for the rest of 10% (as long as you don’t go overboard!). That equals to about 2-3 cheat meals a week.

Alright, that wraps up my Paleo Recipe Book Review. Hope you have enjoyed it. There’s a cool video below that you can watch, and please leave a comment in the guestbook as I would love to hear from you.

Watch the Paleo Recipe Book video

This video is courtesy of Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastien Noel



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