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How Dangerous Is Weightlifting?

If you have stumbled upon any social media outlet in the past decade, and let’s assume you haven’t been living under a rock, you might have witnessed everything from ripped dudes curling 10kg into infinity, to monster powerlifters squatting 300kg, all the way down to motivational fitness videos that make you either want to throw […]

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Does Muscle Damage Cause Muscle Growth?

We all know that feeling of soreness that you get after a workout. It’s the soreness you get the next day after completing a workout, letting you know that you had a great workout the day prior. This feeling of soreness can also tell you quite a bit of information on how effective your workouts […]

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5 Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Reviews

Plantar fasciitis isn’t a disorder that you hear about everyday. For that reason, I’m willing to bet that you’re only here because you suffer from the condition and are searching for a way to combat it.Night splints are the most popular non-surgical treatment for plantar fasciitis and work by stretching the plantar fascia as you […]

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