Throwing the other one out the door? Food Processor versus Blender

Food certainly takes a lot of form. It may be solid or liquid; big or small; smooth or rugged. There is a wide variety of kitchen appliances available in the market. All will be of great help in your kitchen journey. All will help you make a good meal to satisfy your cravings.

Preparing the perfect meal takes time and it also needs the perfect tool or appliance to make it. But when trying to shred things into small pieces or just simply mixing things together, which tool would be more efficient – A Food processor versus Blender

Well, it turns out that one complements the other. They have different functions that would help solve your different kitchen dilemmas. What the food processor can’t achieve, the blender will happily accomplish for you. But of course, it boils down to what you usually do inside the kitchen.

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Food processor versus blender

Are you the type who likes to have smoothies and shakes during a hot day? Or are you that person who enjoys chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables? Or are you a special mix of both? Whatever you choose that is what all up to you.

If you want to try and grate, chop, shred, slice or mix food that is hard, the food processor is your ally and go-to friend every time you are in the kitchen. It can easily achieve anything that you are having a hard time doing with your knife. Some of the things the food processor is great at doing are the following: making dough, grating cheese and chopping nuts. So if you usually eat meals involving the said ingredients then it would be wise to keep a food processor at hand in your own kitchen.

On the other hand, a blender is the best kitchen appliance for liquefying or mixing anything, this allows you to come up with deliciously tasting shakes and smoothies perfect for beating the heat or if you would just like to cool down with an awesome drink. The blender is also the better option in crushing ice if ever you would need it. Other functions that the blender can be of good use is making salad dressings and pureeing soups. If you need advise on the best blender to buy, then refer to this post.

In terms of speed, a food processor normally has only one set speed while a blender can have a number of speed options, ranging from slow to fast. But when it comes to number of blade options available, the food processor wins because most of them come with other blades perfect for shredding and slicing the food you have at hand.

On the shape of food processors, it has a wide bowl wherein it does its wonders. It can also come in different sizes depending on your serving size needs. While on the other hand, the blender has a narrow shape where it does its magic and serves its purpose.

But if you are someone who likes to experiment around with food – It would be nice if you would have both a food processor and a blender in your kitchen so you wouldn’t have a hard time preparing meals that you would serve to your loved ones or just simply enjoy yourself. Less hassle for you and more fun for your hungry tummy! Just be a bit cautious in keeping both the food processor and the blender. Doing so would mean that you would have to face its advantages, as well as disadvantages. You just have to decide upon yourself which of the two you could bear more – the advantages or the disadvantages of having both appliances in your kitchen.

So if you’re still thinking of throwing out either your food processor or blender, think again. They may seem to do the same thing but always remember that things are not always what they seem. If kitchen space is your problem, you can always store one of them in a cabinet and just bring it out whenever you would need a job to be done. Just leave the one you use most frequently on your kitchen tabletop so that you can easily access it whenever you need to.

If you really want to keep just one, either a food processor or a blender, just weigh your options. You have the blender that is excellent at mixing and liquefying food while on the hand, the food processor is amazing at slicing, chopping and grating different types of food. Which one do you often do while in the kitchen? Is it the former or the latter?

The food processor and the blender perform specific functions and are the perfect kitchen tools for varying situations. Just take note of when to use a food processor and when to use a blender so you would not have any second thoughts on throwing anything out the door.


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