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D oes Brainetics really work? That’s the question most parents have after watching the TV commercial of this program. Read my Brainetics review below with the actual result I got with my sons.

Even though my 9 year old twin has often been exposed to brain games & problem solving exercises at school, I didn’t feel that the teachers were doing a really good job. Apparently, my kids were still having problem with math and some other subjects, and that was the reason I was on the lookout for a solution.

When I heard about Brainetics system through a relative during our last Christmas’ gathering, I decided to give it a try. And I can tell you that nothing I have come across had such an impact on my kids’ drive to learn more and challenge themselves. Since then, they’ve been really excited about learning math and to be honest I couldn’t keep up with them.

No, the most important part is not the ability to solve complex computation in seconds (though it’s really impressive). It’s them being able to do something that their peers can’t. They get the kick out of it. And the more they excel at it, the more they enjoy it, the more confidence they get.

Do you know: The reason some kids don’t perform at school is because they can’t compete with their classmates from the start. That intimidates them and takes out all the fun of learning.

Brainetics System was able to help my kids improve their overall attitude and self-confidence. They no longer fear school and are putting efforts & attention into their learning. It’s really rewarding as a parent to see how your kids going through such transition.

Table of Content
1. How To Buy
2. Setting Expectations
3. What’s inside the package
4. Is Brainetics Appropriate for Kids Only?
5. Brainetics Debate
6. Is There Any Brainetics Scam?
7. Winner of Parent’s Choice Gold Award
8. Cheaper Alternative

How To Buy and Any Cheaper Alternatives To Brainetics?

brainetics-amazon-orderIf you are still sitting on the fence about whether to buy this product because of their price tag, I can tell you that it’s worth the investment. You can go straight to their official website and buy from there, or you can actually save money and delivery fee when ordering through Amazon


With that being said, I know money is tight for many families, so here are similar products that can save you up to 80% of the cost and still get all the core lessons like Brainetics:


1. Learn More Study Less: Get Better Grade with Less Studying
2. Speed Study Guide Techniques: Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount of Effort

Take note that these are all instant download material, so that you don’t have to wait for delivery and start using them right away.

Setting Your Expectations With Brainetics

brainetics-setting-expectationAlthough the Brainetics system has been very beneficial to my children, it doesn’t mean that you will get the same result. So before we get into more details of how the Brainetics actually works, you should set your expectation straight:

1In the actual “parent manual” came with the product, it clearly stated that your kid should master at least the basic of math like addition, subtract, and multiplication to some extent. Thus, you may want to consider whether this is suitable for your kid or not. It’s recommended for age from 9 to 99 (we get to that later).

2Secondly, this program certainly helps eliminate intimidation of falling behind peers, boost your child’s confidence, as well as their overall performance at school; but it’s NOT a replacement for traditional learning and mathematical concepts. If you are home-schooling your child, this is even more important to keep in mind.

3Furthermore, I have seen parents who expect too much from this program. Your kid would not become a genius overnight, or go to college at 15 years old. The underlying concept by Mike Byster is to encourage brain stimulation and make math learning fun. Like he said, to the kids it’s more like Brainetics games instead of lesson, while in fact it isn’t.

4Lastly, the mistake that parents seem to make (oddly) is to just throw the kid at it with little to no involvement. Like “go to your room and learn this”. It just doesn’t work that way. This program is designed for parents to get involved and connect with the child.

Bottom line, it really comes down to your best judgement. The Brainetics system is about unlocking the power and capabilities of the brains. And while you think about it, keep this in mind too: it’s easier to correct any poor self-perception and attitude towards learning at younger age than later in life.

What’s inside the package and How does Brainetics Work

In this section of the Brainetics Review, I will cover what comes with the package delivered to your house and how the whole thing works.

brainetics package
Brainetics Package

You will receive 5 DVDs, a set of flash card and playing card, a playbook and a parents guide.

  • Parents Guide is the manual for parents with detail agenda of each lesson/DVD, ways to get involved in the learning process with the child, and things you can expect.
  • 52 flash cards are designed exclusively for Brainetics course to assist the learning process
  • The playbook is comprised of practices to help student fully grasp each lesson
  • DVD#1 – Identifying number patterns and how to be focused.
  • DVD#2 – Using cool games and tricks to suppress math-related stresses.
  • DVD#3 – Solving complex computation in their head using math shortcuts.
  • DVD#4 – Multi-tasking techniques using mind power to figure out any math question.
  • DVD#5 – Enhance memory identification, mental and brain power

How Does It Work

The way Brainetics program works boils down to 3 fundamental concepts

  • Brainetics teaches how to MASTER all the learning SKILLS including: concentration, problem-solving, increased mental and memory capacity, organizational and thinking out of the box. These skills are actually very vital to the development of a child, however they are often neglected at school.
  • Brainetics trains the mind to function two different parts at the same time. One part focuses on memorization of data while the other processes and sorts all that input. This method will help unlock the potential of the brain, which result in much higher level of efficiency. This gives the student a competitive edge during their academic years and beyond.
  • Brainetics is designed for students to have fun. They won’t feel like a burden like most kids fell about school work. Like the author, Mike Byster, put it: Students will think about the program as games while in fact it isn’t.

Is Brainetics Appropriate For Kids Only?

In the Brainetics website, they claim that the program is suitable for ages 9 – 90. And I totally agree with this statement. Why, you ask?

A study showed that 35% of Brainetics users are ADULTS

brainetics-ageAs we age, our mental aptitude begins to weaken. Keeping your mind sharp and your memory active is important to a healthy and youthful life. Brainetics help you achieve just that. (Image: You may get grandpa to learn Brainetics too :) by

With that being said, Brainetics targets children at young age, so the program is made a little bit “childish”. It will not appeal to everybody. Well, at least I know my wife are interested in this program. She watched and learned with the kids, and she was hooked.

My two sons always wanted to re-watch the DVD with me time and time again. It has been a lot of fun not only for our kids, but the whole family.

Math Shortcut is not useful?

There’s a lot of debate among parent concerning the actual benefit of math shortcut when students are required to know all the steps involved when working out a problem. I agree that knowing the whole process is necessary, and longhand workout is still going to be mandatory in school. However, here’s my take on this:

When I was still in school, the most frustrating part after the test was I didn’t know whether I gave the right answer until the test scores came out. And my children told me the same thing.

So what if your children can have the ability to know the answer before hand. It gives them an advantage to check their work versus just following what they think is right and hoping for the best.

I don’t know about you, but I call it having a “competitive edge”, which is not only helpful during my kids’ academy life, but also into adulthood. That’s why I stated earlier that the real benefit is the improved self-esteem and learning attitude I’ve seen in my children.

Is There Any Brainetics Scam?

I was surprised to find out that there’s quite a few Google Search related to Brainetics Scam. So is there such a thing? Fortunately, the answer is No. There are two reason why the keyword Brainetics Scam showing up:

1. It’s a way for consumer to check if this product is associated with any scam. It’s actually quite smart to do so before buying any product.

2. Putting the word Scam following a product in website’s title is a spammy way of webmasters to attract attention of reader.

Winner of Parents’ Choice Gold Award

parent-choice-awardParents’ Choice Award organization is established in 1978, whose mission is to help parents make informed decisions about

which product is suitable for their children. Only the best material is honored by this program. Brainetics won the gold award in 2008 for A Breakthrough Math and Memory Program.

Rather than that, Brainetics has received countless testimonial from users, as well as praise from teachers and educators around the country. Mike Byster has been invited to many different schools to teach students the Brainetics method. So if you ask me, this program is worth every penny of my investment, and I never regret investing my children’s future.

Cheaper Alternative

You also can check out the cheaper alternative  if you above price may not justify the purchase. These products teach the same core concept as Brainetics at much cheaper price. They’re available right away via instant download:

1. Learn More Study Less: Get Better Grade with Less Studying
2. Speed Study Guide Techniques: Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount of Effort


About the Author

I'm Patricia Baker, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I enjoy writing product review as a way to help other consumer (just like myself) make informed decisions.


  1. Carolyn Morris says:

    Thank you for your review. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this since seeing the infomercial. My son is quite smart when it comes to math but he rushes through the tests and doesn’t take the time to check his work. Based on your review, I think this program will help. When you mentioned knowing the answer by using the mental short-cut and then doing the work required for the test, I knew just that part of the program would be worth the money. Thank you for also explaining the “scam” issue. I did the exact same thing you mentioned: I Googled “Brainetics Scam.” LOL! I like that you are were a teacher.

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