The Best Lawn Mowers for Every Budget

With the number of lawn mowers that are out there in the market today, it can be quite a task to decide which one to buy. Going through hundreds of lawn mowers with so many different features (and new ones coming every now and then) and each of them coming at varied price tags, it can seem like a daunting task. We’ve taken the guessing game out of the purchasing of lawn mowers by running through all those lawn mowers in the market and selecting the top lawn mowers under different price categories so that you can choose the best lawn mower that fits your budget.

The important thing to do while going through a host of lawn mowers is to see your requirements in terms of the size of your yard, the kind of terrain do you have at your yard, select features you’re looking for and of course, most importantly, a lawn mower that fits your pocket. We don’t want our pockets to be mowed down along with the grass now, do we? Let’s cut to the chase and show you the top 4 lawn mowers (one for every budget):

Under $150 Category

black-decker-lm175Black & Decker LM175 18-Inch 6-1/2 Amp Electric Mower Black & Decker have been widely regarded as one of the top companies selling electric rechargeable mowers and corded electric mowers. They’ve been hitting the market consistently with products that every home gardener would love to own. Their mowers come in the sub 20 inch cutting width category and they’ve done a very good job of being really good at it.

Retailing at $148, the Black & Decker LM175 electric lawn mower is no exception to the long list of successful lawn mowers to have hit the international market by Black & Decker. It is the best lawn mower we’ve found in the sub $150 category. Mind you, this little power house may be a lawn mower in our cheapest category, but it gives all the other pricier lawn mowers a good run for their money and there are substantial reasons for that too! Being an electric lawn mower, the LM175 is one of the quietest lawn mowers around.

Another advantage of having an electric lawn mower is that you don’t need to keep stock of gas and oil. That means that it is much less of a hassle to maintain and also you don’t have as much of a recurring expense when compared to a lawn mower that runs on gas. Electric lawn mowers like the LM175 also give you a much cleaner environment as you don’t have nasty residual gases coming out of the lawn mower which could destroy the environment. If you have little kids running around the house, this is a very important factor to take into account as lawn mowers that run on gas can be quite harmful to smaller kids. The LM175 cuts a whole 18 inches and comes with a reasonably powerful 6.5amp engine.

The range of the LM175 is a decent 100 feet which gives you the liberty to take your lawn mower around without having to worry about the length of the cord. It also comes with a lever that adjusts the height of the wheels from 1 inch to 3 ½ inches, as easy as you like. Weighing in at a mere 35 pounds, it’s a very light weight lawn mower that can easily be easily pushed around your lawn without having to worry about dislocating a shoulder in the process of it. The Black & Decker LM175 also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the deck and a 2 year warranty for the rest of the lawn mower. If you’re one that just likes to weight up the pros and cons, let’s take a good look at them.


It’s cheap

Costing a shade under $150, this lawn mower is one of the cheapest lawn mowers in the market. At this price, you’re getting a fantastic electric lawn mower that does the job of keeping your garden trimmed and clean.

Environmentally Friendly

The LM175 being an electric lawn mower is more than ten times more environmentally friendly than your average gas lawn mower

Minimal Recurring Expenses

You have minimal recurring expenses because you don’t have to buy gas and oil in order to keep the lawn mower running.

Shhh… It’s Quiet

Okay, well, probably not that quiet but definitely quieter than gas powered lawn mowers and therefore you will not have your neighbour complaining of loud noises coming from your yard.


At 35 pounds it’s very easy to steer around this lawn mower. It doesn’t require too much effort on your part to get this lawn mower around.


No Battery

One of the biggest problems you could face with this lawn mower is that it doesn’t come with a battery which is what helps keep the cost of this lawn mower so low. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to keep the battery charged at all times. It comes with a cord that’s 10 feet long and should be good enough for a small lawn. If you have a slightly larger lawn then you might want to look at other alternatives since it could be quite a hassle to mow your entire lawn. The company claims that the lawn mower has a 100 foot range which should be good enough for a garden that’s quarter of an acre big.

Small Mulching Bag

The mulching bag is quite small which could mean that you’ll have to empty the bag multiple times over by the time you finish up with the lawn. Then again, if you like to let the cut grass go back onto the lawn, then it shouldn’t deter you from buying this.

Annoying Cord

The cord can be a little annoying at times by coming in the way every now and then. This could especially be a problem for bigger yards. Smaller yards shouldn’t have a big problem in dealing with the cord.

Ideal For

  • Small garden owners
  • Buyers with a tight budget
  • Environmentally conscious buyers

That’s an in-depth review of the Black & Decker LM175 18-Inch 6-1/2 amp Electric Mower, the best lawn mower in the sub $150 category.

$150 – $200 Category:

greenworks-25022-lawn-mowerGreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-in 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower With a little upgrade in price you’re looking at the GreenWorks 25022 Electric Lawn Mower that retails at $169 on Amazon. It’s another corded lawn mower, but it’s ideal for average sized lawns. Its 20 inch steel cutting deck offers a wonderful cutting experience. The whole body structure in fact, is made of metal which gives you a much sturdier, thinner and better looking finish.

The 25022 lawn mower comes with a solid 12 Amp motor giving you the power you require to bulldoze the tough grass on your lawn.  The three-in-one lawn mower justifies its name as it offers you three different ways of cutting your grass: clipping your grass from rear bagging, side discharge or using it for its mulching capabilities. A 7-position height to cut to your desired need right from 1 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches. The 25022 lawn mower also comes with a 4 year warranty, which is double the industry warranty! Let’s strip this lawn mower’s pros and cons down to find out if it’s the best lawn mower for you.


Sturdy Build

The cutting deck is made of solid steel which means that you’re getting a much sturdier build as compared to a lawn mower made from plastic.

4 Year Warranty

The 25022 from GreenWorks comes with a 4 year warranty which is double the industry standard. The makers of the 25022 back up the solid build of the product with a warranty to match it so you don’t have to worry about any problems for a good four years after your purchase.

Powerful Motor

Equipped with a 12 Amp motor, the 25022 makes your cutting job really easy. It runs through rough terrain and stubborn grass without you having to put in too much of an effort.

7-Position Height Adjustment

The 7-position height adjustment option allows you to change the cutting height to just the height that’s ideal for you which ranges from 1 ½ inches to 3 ¾ inches.


Cord Management

You’ll have to make do with the cord as it’s not a cordless lawn mower. The cord has a lock to make things easier though.

Can’t Mow Large Yards

Mowing large yards can be quite a task because of the limitations that come with the cord.

Slightly Bulky

It’s slightly more bulky when compared to the Black & Decker LM175 lawn mower as it weighs in at 59 pounds. The power of the lawn mower compensates for the weight up to a certain extent, but it still can be quite a handful.

Ideal For

  • Medium sized lawns
  • First time buyers unsure about their purchase: The 4 year warranty gives you peace of mind
  • Buyers looking for a sturdy build

That’s a wrap on the review for the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp 20-inch 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower. Just perfect for an average sized lawn!


$200 – $300 Category:

fiskars-lawn-mowerFiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Push Reel Lawn Mower One of the best lawn mowers you can buy at this price range is The Fiskars 6201 Push Reel Lawn Mower. It is not electric nor is it gas powered. Let me explain. As the name suggests, the Fiskars 6201, discounted at $200 (only on Amazon), is a reel lawn mower meaning it runs completely manually. Now this might sound a bit dodgy and also sound like it’s going to be a lot of work to move this around but Fiskars have used their patent-pending InertiaDrive technology that makes this lawn mower a breeze to use.

It’s as easy to use this lawn mower as it is to assemble it. You can stroll through your garden with this and it will cut all kinds of grass with utmost ease. It’s cordless and at the same time doesn’t run on electricity or gas. This means you save on the hassles you’d generally have while dealing with a corded lawn mower and at the same time you’re saving on recurring electricity and gas bills. Since it’s a reel lawn mower it’s also very quiet. It doesn’t have a motor grunting all the way through your Sunday mowing time. Now, to the pros and cons.



No motor in place means that the Fiskars 6201 doesn’t have any cords. You don’t need to constantly fix the cord that keeps falling from the socket, nor worry about the cord coming in the way of your cutting.


Again, no motor means that this little beast is very quiet. You could even mow your grass at night when it’s cooler without disturbing your neighbors.

No Recurring Expenses

You don’t ever have to worry about stocking up gas and oil nor do you have to worry about skyrocketing electricity bills. This reel mower keeps your recurring expenditure down to 0!

100% Environmentally Friendly

Even with electrical lawn mowers one would argue that it still isn’t 100% environmentally friendly. But with this lawn mower, you can be 100% sure that it’s not going to harm the environment one bit.


Another advantage of being motor-free is that the lawnmower is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around.


Tough To Cut Tall, Thick Grass

Although it is reasonably easy to cut shorter grass, it can struggle to cut longer and thicker grass because of the lack of a motor.

Tedious To Cut Large Yards

Since the lawn mower is manually operated it can be quite a task to cut large yards without feeling just a little tired after a while. Although it’s not that hard on your body, it can be a little tough if you’re looking at yards that are over an acre in size.

Ideal For

  • Buyers that are looking for a cordless solution
  • Buyers looking for a quiet lawn mower (nasty neighbors?)
  • Buyers wanting to avoid recurring expenditure for a little extra work

Buy the Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Push Reel Lawn Mower for the best reel lawn mower in the market!


Best Lawn Mower Over $300 Category:

black-decker-cm1936-lawn-mowerBlack & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower With Removable Battery For the people that absolutely hate cords but don’t want to use a reel mower or gas powered mower, the Black & Decker CM1936 Cordless Electric with removal battery is probably the best lawn mower money can buy. With a removable battery pack you have the choice of buying additional batteries and charging them so that you could use one while the other is charging or it could be of great use for larger yards. It comes with a 19 inch deck size and weighs in at 72 pounds. One touch height adjustment makes it very easy to adjust the height of all four wheels in one shot.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of the Black & Decker CM1936.



I don’t think I need to say more. A cordless lawn mower gives you so much freedom in terms of how you go about mowing your lawn. You’re not restricted to a particular pattern anymore because of the length of the cord.


The CM1936 is a powerful machine that will get you through your boring mowing sessions in a jiffy. Cutting through the grass is very easy with the powerful motor that comes along with the CM1936.


At 72 pounds (including the battery), it’s quite light for a removable battery powered lawn mower making mowing much easier.

Easy Storage

The CM1936 has small dimensions which makes it very easy to store. Tuck it away beneath your staircase or in a corner in your garage and it doesn’t come as a hindrance.


Short Battery Life

The battery lasts up to 45 minutes and can mow up to 1/3rd of an acre. There also isn’t a battery charge indicator which means that you’ll be left guessing as to when the battery is going to die.

Deck Size Is Narrow

The deck size of this Black & Decker model is only 19 inches which makes it quite smaller compared to other models. This means that you’ll have to make more passes through your lawn to finish mowing it.

No Self-Propulsion

The Black & Decker CM1936 doesn’t come with a self-propulsion mechanism which means it can be a little harder to push around as compared to a gas powered lawn mower or an electric lawn mower with self-propulsion.

Ideal For

  • Larger yards with additional removable batteries purchased
  • Buyers looking for a cordless solution with a lot of power
  • Buyers wanting a lightweight and quiet lawn mower

The CM1936 is the last recommended lawn mower on this list. I hope this buying guide helps you make your lawn mower purchasing decision that much easier. We’ve tried to bring in a variety of best lawn mowers to suit people with different requirements and different budgets while making sure they’re of top-notch quality and are of very good quality. Please feel free to share with us your experiences with your lawn mower in the comments section below.


I'm Patricia Baker, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I enjoy researching and writing product reviews as a way to help other consumers (like myself) make informed decisions.

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