3 Best Baby Monitors To Keep Tabs on Your Baby

Let’s face it, between nursing every few hours and taking care of your baby, sleep is really something of a luxury. A baby monitor, however, is something that allows you to keep tabs on your baby all the time; hence you are able to sleep soundly (in a separate room).

The latest generations of baby monitor product are, quite literally, blowing my mind. There are so many features available for you to choose from – motion sensor, transmission range, HD video and sound quality, wide-angle lens, etc. – it’s enough to even get your husband to get excited about it!

Below are the 3 best baby monitors that are tried and trued. I have covered a wide range of preferences and budgets to make sure that you will find the absolute best baby monitor that suits your needs.

Top Pick – Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor – An Amazon #1 Best Seller

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby MonitorInfant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE

Recommending a bestseller product on Amazon right off the bat seems cheesy. However, the Infant Optics Baby Monitor with interchangeable optical lens truly deserves to be the all-around best baby monitor.

The image and sound quality is what makes or breaks it for a baby monitor and the DXR-8 exceeds my expectations in this regard. Compared to my Motorola MBP36 (below), I can say the DXR-8 wins hand down.

The image on the 3.5″ LCD color display is clear enough for you to tell whether or not your child’s eyes are open or not. If there is noise present in the room from a humidifier or even white noise, you can still hear your baby’s breathing very clearly.

The most interesting feature of this baby monitor is the interchangeable lens. And mind you, the optical zoom doesn’t lose resolution like a digital zoom. I would recommend to anyone who buys this baby monitor to also consider the separately sold wide-angle lens (well worth the $12 extra). Being able to see the entire room (a full 170 degree panoramic view) is really helpful for active babies or toddlers. An additional $12 will go a long way.

The DXR-8 is the newest product from Infant Optics. I got an Infant DXR-5 a few years back and it’s still working well to this day. The new product excels its predecessor in terms of features but still keeps the same sleek and simple design that I like.

The fact that the screen is increased from 2.4″ to 3.5″ certainly helps. The build also felt much more sturdy and higher quality. If Infant Optics keeps up their customer service like they did with the DXR-5, this is really a no brainer.

With a battery that is good for 9-10 hours, you don’t have to charge it too often. You also can use most USB chargers (you’re welcome Samsung and HTC users!) to charge this device as it utilizes a micro USB port for charging.

The retail price around $180 makes the DXR-8 in the middle of the pack, which is perfect. With so much going for it, the DXR-8 is our #1 recommendation for the best baby monitor.

Most Budget Friendly – Foscam FBM3501

Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby MonitorFoscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE

I would say the Foscam FBM3501 is the best bang for your buck. It’s much cheaper than the Infant Optics DXR-8 (about half the cost) while still providing almost the same quality features.

Among the video baby monitors that have a 3.5’’ screen, this is probably the most affordable. The picture and sound quality are not as astounding as the DXR-8, but still very clear.

This baby monitor is also packed with some very interesting features. I really like the two way audio, meaning you can listen-in and/or sing lullabies to your baby.

The room temperature feature is also a nice touch. You will find yourself checking it more often than you think.

The Voice Activation (VOX) setting is something a lot of parents have trouble finding out how it works. Basically, when VOX setting activated (you have to press the VOX button on top of the monitor until the light turns green), the monitor is automatically shut off after 20 seconds of silence and automatically turned back on once noise is detected.

On the down side, the night vision on this unit is not as clear as you want it to be. The battery life is also average (3 – 4 hours). With that said, you are paying only around $100 for this wonderful product with tons of features.

If you are on a budget and want your money well spent, go for the Foscam FBM3501.

For the Techie Parent – Motorola MBP36S

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby MonitorMotorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby MonitorCHECK PRICE

I have tried both the Motorola MBP36S and its predecessor, the MBP36. And let me tell you, Motorola really stepped up their game with this upgrade. If you are intrigued with all the latest bells and whistles that the baby monitor industry has to offer, this is the one you should get.

The audio and picture quality is improved vastly compared to its predecessor. The VOX setting (automatically times out and comes back as soon as noise occurs) works really well, even with white noise present in the room.

The most interesting feature to me is the split screen. It is expandable up to 4 cameras that you can view on a split screen (or switching back and forth automatically). This means you can monitor 4 rooms simultaneously.

The Motorola MBP36S also has a two way audio with built-in 5 lullabies, which is pretty handy if you ask me. Other features include room temperature monitor, infrared night vision, and an alarm for medicine or feeding time. Another nice touch is the “out-of-range” and “low battery” alerts. This is really helpful to keep your unit up and running at all times.

The one thing that Motorola was able to achieve with this product is they pack a lot of technologies and features in one unit and make all of them work as expected. The retail price is on the higher side at about $200, but it’s well worth the investment.

Pick the Best Monitor And Get Some Sleep!

As a mother, especially with your first child, sleep is a luxury that can be hard to come by. These products will help you get a few more hours of high quality shuteye to recharge your batteries, and its hard to place a price on that!

I am all for utilizing technology, especially when it comes to helping my husband and I raise our children.

Anyway, there you go, my top 3 best baby monitors to keep tabs on your baby at all times. Now it’s your turn, what’s your favorite baby product?


I'm Patricia Baker, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I enjoy researching and writing product reviews as a way to help other consumers (like myself) make informed decisions.

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