Best Baby Cribs for Any Style and Budget

Let’s have some fun! Choosing a baby crib is more about style and convenience than anything else. You might ask, “shouldn’t I be worried about safety?” Yes, absolutely! As a mommy to a very mobile 11-month old I am uber concerned with safety.

The great thing, however, is that all cribs sold in the United States today must meet stringent safety standards. Therefore, if you buy a new baby crib in the US, you are buying a safe crib. Of course, you want to know the best baby cribs for you and your baby. In my experience, the things to look for in a crib are the quality of materials, ease of assembly, price, and of course, how it looks. Here I’ll give you my choices for the best baby cribs, including modern, traditional, inexpensive, and splurge-worthy options.

Splurge-worthy: Oeuf Classic Crib

Oeuf Classic CribOeuf Classic CribCHECK PRICE

This is the crib I would buy if money were no object (it’s priced at $970). It’s gorgeous. Sleek, modern, but still inviting, the Oeuf Classic Crib is a piece that will last you through all of your babies and then some. This crib, certainly one of the best baby cribs, is easy to assemble, and converts into a toddler bed (with the purchase of a conversion kit).

For such an expensive crib, you’d think it would be made from solid wood (the material used for the best baby cribs, in my view), but that is not the case. Instead, the base is made of solid pine, and the rest is made of an “eco friendly” MDF (medium density fiberboard) composite.

What makes the MDF environmentally friendly? Well, it is made from recovered wood fibers, and the crib is made in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility. Also of note – these cribs are made in Latvia, so you avoid any potential concerns over Chinese manufactured products. Bottom line: Oeuf Classic Crib is a solid crib that would make a stylish centerpiece for your nursery, but it has quite a price tag.

High style, lower price: Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler Rail

Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler RailBabyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler RailCHECK PRICE

If you love the look of the Oeuf Classic but can’t stomach the price, consider the Babyletto Modo 3 in 1 Crib. This has similar styling to the Oeuf, but is almost a third of the price. Furthermore, it’s made from solid pine grown in sustainable forests in New Zealand (but constructed in Asia) so it has similar eco considerations to the Oeuf.

Pine is a softer wood and can sometimes be a problem if little teeth dig into the wood, but rail protectors will prevent any major damage. I haven’t assembled this crib myself, but others say the assembly is easy and the instructions are clear.  If you’re looking for a modern crib for less, definitely check out Babyletto.

For small spaces: Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

DaVinci Kalani Mini CribDaVinci Kalani Mini CribCHECK PRICE

In the same family brand as Babyletto, Davinci makes a super cute mini crib that is perfect for a small space, whether it’s a tiny one bedroom apartment for the whole family, or a small nursery in an older house. This is also a nice choice if you plan to have your baby sleep in your bedroom with you.

The mini crib is safer (and has more longevity) than a rocking bassinet and is small enough to fit near the bed. Davinci is a great brand that makes high quality cribs at a very reasonable price. The crib comes with a one inch thick mattress, which is a little on the thin side, in my opinion, for an every day mattress.

Perhaps choose a thicker, firmer mattress if you are planning to use this as your main crib for the baby’s first six to twelve months. Keep in mind that your baby will probably outgrow the mini crib before she is a year old.

Traditional: Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible CribGraco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible CribCHECK PRICE

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, you really can’t go wrong with the Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib. Graco makes a number of reasonably priced, traditional style cribs that are sure bets for you and your baby. I have a Graco crib for my baby, and I love the sleigh bed design of this one in particular.

The Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib functions as a regular crib, a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full-size headboard. The crib is easy to set up, and is extremely sturdy. Graco products are made in Vietnam and China, which might be of concern to some parents. Remember, however, that all cribs sold in the US must meet the same strict safety guidelines. For a traditional nursery, the Graco Shelby Classic is a great choice for its looks and durability, and is one of my top picks for the best baby cribs.

Vintage: Davinci Jenny Lind Stationary Crib ($174)

Davinci Jenny Lind Stationary CribDavinci Jenny Lind Stationary CribCHECK PRICE

I haven’t seen a crib sweeter looking than this Davinci Jenny Lind Stationary Crib. If you’re going for a vintage look in the nursery but want to purchase a new crib to ensure your baby’s safety, this Davinci crib is a great choice.

I’m recommending a second Davinci product in this review (the mini crib and the Jenny Lind) because this truly is a great brand that sells at a good price point. You know you’re getting a reliable product with Davinci, and it’s hard to beat the adorable Jenny Lind style. I’ve seen much more expensive Jenny Lind style cribs, but why spend the money when you’re getting the same style at a good price with the Davinci?

Traditional splurge: Westwood Design Park West Convertible Crib ($499)

Westwood Design Park West Convertible Crib, WalnutWestwood Design Park West Convertible Crib, WalnutCHECK PRICE

My favorite crib in this list, and one I have used for my baby, is the Westwood Design Park West Convertible Crib. I was lucky enough to use this at the grandparents’ house, so I didn’t have to pay the rather hefty price ($499).

The crib is beautiful and extremely sturdy. I love that the back is solid, which I think makes the space feel a little more cozy for the little one. I also like that this product is made of solid pine and is manufactured in Vietnam. Westwood even shows pictures of its Vietnam factory on its company blog, which goes the extra mile towards increasing customer confidence in the product.

This is a great crib that should last for the long haul, but if you do have problems, it’s good to know that Westwood is known for their great customer service, too.

Whatever your style, and whatever your budget, there’s a crib out there that is just right for you and your baby. If you fall in love with a crib that is out of your budget, don’t be discouraged. There’s sure to be a similarly designed crib at a lower price point (just with a less fancy brand name). I warn you, however, that even the best baby cribs are no match for a parent’s arms. Your newborn is sure to prefer sleeping with mommy or daddy than in the new, fancy piece of furniture (at least at first)! Congratulations on your new baby, and good luck!

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I'm Patricia Baker, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I enjoy researching and writing product reviews as a way to help other consumers (like myself) make informed decisions.

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