The 4 Best Inexpensive Tabletop Grills

Have you ever been on a picnic with your friends, family, or significant other, and – while you were eating the room temperature fried chicken, potato salad, and baked beans – thought how much better your experience would be if you had a nice juicy burger straight off the grill instead?

The problem with this is that the backyard grill you love so much is so bulky, that bringing it along would probably require renting a trailer – and who wants to deal with the extra hassle?

But what if you had a small, lightweight, and – most importantly – inexpensive, grill that you could stash in the back of your car and bring along with you? You’d never have to dream of hot and fresh cooked food, while eating cold picnic fare. You would be the hit of the tailgate, and your kid’s savior on camping trips.

With these compelling reasons in mind, I decided to put together a list of the 4 best inexpensive tabletop grills for your family. For well under $200, you can get a grill to take with you wherever you go!

Lodge Logic L410 Charcoal Grill – Built to Last

Lodge Logic L410 Pre-Seasoned Sportsman's Charcoal GrillLodge Logic L410 Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal GrillCHECK PRICE

The Lodge Logic L410 is a super-durable cast iron tabletop charcoal grill that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This little grill is perfect for the outdoors man or woman, and its size makes it great for bringing along on camping trips, or other outdoor adventures.

The L410 features: a draft door for adjusting the heat, a flip door for stoking coals and adding briquettes or wood chips, two adjustable heights for tempering cooking speed, and pre-seasoned cast iron, ready to use.

This grill will stay hot for a long time, which can be both a positive and a negative. On the positive side, staying hot for a long amount of time means you can slow-cook items such as roasts or stews. However, with the grill retaining its heat for so long you must be careful when cleaning up and storing the grill, so as not to burn yourself, or damage any of your other possessions.

While a heavy little grill weighing in at about 30 pounds, there is not much this hibachi-style gem can’t do regarding providing delectable meals for a small group of people. However, at under $100 with free shipping, this grill is a great investment to keep your family fed for decades to come.

Meco Deluxe Tabletop Electric Grill – Grab an Extension Cord and Go!

Meco Tabletop Electric GrillMeco Deluxe Tabletop Electric GrillCHECK PRICE

This unique little grill cooks with a 1500-watt electric infrared heating element. Being electric does limit the places you can take this grill. However, with a car adaptor or portable generator this grill can be taken just about anywhere – and you’ll want to, because the Meco Deluxe is easy to use, and with its variable heat control, is ready at a moments notice. No waiting, lighter fluid, or preheating needed.

The grill is incredibly simple. It features two heat zones, which can be adjusted independently, allowing you to cook at two different temperatures at once. The infrared heating element reduces the level of hot air in the grill, which can dry out your food. When cooked with this tabletop grill your meal will be juicy and full of flavor.

If the apartments or condo you live in doesn’t allow gas or charcoal grills, this electric grill is a great option. Also, the 22″ rotisserie is big enough for you to slow-roast chickens and 10-15 lb turkeys – not something every grill can do.

Weber Q1000 Propane Grill – Quality at its Finest

Weber 386002 Q 100 Portable 189-Square-InchWeber Q1000 Portable Propane GrillCHECK PRICE

The Weber Q1000 is one of the best selling tabletop grills online – with over 500 reviews to date on Amazon alone – and for good reason. Weber is known for making quality, innovative products that last. The Q1000 is a portable propane gas grill with enough cooking space to cook for the whole family.

A quick, no-hassle push start ignition, and a removable catch pan for easy clean-up make the Q1000 incredibly user friendly. Lightweight and extremely portable, this grill is great for tailgating, camping, picnics, or for grilling out at your kid’s little-league game.

It comes fully-assembled out of the box and is powered with disposable 14.1 oz or 16.4 oz propane cylinders (sold separately). If you already have a standard 20 lb propane tank, be sure to pick up one of these adapters as well.

Cuisinart CGG-180T Propane Grill – Best Seller for a Reason

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas GrillCuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas GrillCHECK PRICE

The CGG-180T is the #1 Best Selling Camping Stove Grill on Amazon and the most portable grill on the list, weighing in at just 13 lb. Everything about this little grill shows that Cuisinart’s biggest goal was to create an ultra-portable and functional grill.

This product features a briefcase-style carrying handle and folding lid, which has an integrated lid lock to ensure the lid remains secure. It’s legs and feet are made up of aluminum and set up in seconds, and support the grill so that it can be used on nearly any surface without fear of damage.

The CGG-180T has a respectable cooking area of 145 square-inches, which is large enough for 8 burgers, over 6 chicken breasts, or 4 lb. of fish at the same time. Coming in under $100 with free shipping, this is definitely one of the best tabletop grills for your money.

Get a Tabletop Grill For Your Next Trip!

Tabletop grills are great for people who want to eat grilled food, no matter where they may be. Keep in mind: these small, self-contained grills will need to be supported, unless you don’t mind squatting or leaning over to grill.

As the name suggests, these grills are perfect for setting on a tabletop; tailgates, benches, and level-cut tree stumps work too – many tabletop grill manufacturers even sell optional stands which support the grills at just the perfect height.

If you enjoy grilling with your family in your backyard, then you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these portable tabletop grills so you can bring that experience with you wherever you go. If you don’t have a grill at home, or don’t have room for a big, bulky backyard grill, these inexpensive tabletop grills can be an amazing entry point into the world of grilling.

When you are ready for more options, check out our collection of the best gas grills and charcoal grills that money can buy. So go ahead and give one or more of these portable machines a try as the price tags on these grills are quite good and the food they produce is even better.


I'm Patricia Baker, a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom. I enjoy researching and writing product reviews as a way to help other consumers (like myself) make informed decisions.

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